Cooperation and innovation for health

Together, we act on a daily basis to ensure that patients have access to innovations and the best care by mobilizing the ecosystem, promoting healthcare products and supporting the optimization of organizations.


Nextep, a consulting firm specialized in Health

Specializing in strategic healthcare issues and transformation of healthcare practices, we are convinced that sustainable, virtuous transformation of the healthcare system requires a global, systemic approach.
For almost 25 years, we have been working with drug manufacturers, medtechs, medical device manufacturers, e-health startups, institutional clients and specialists in prevention and diagnostics, to help them meet their strategic challenges.
We mobilize a vast ecosystem of stakeholders, working together to create more value for patients by reconciling human, business, economic and healthcare organization factors.
Our method: to act as a catalyst between people, expertise and ideas, ultimately enabling the fastest possible access to medical innovations for the greatest number of people.
Nextep deploys its services internationally, and in particular in Europe, as a founder and member of the Medvance network.

European healthcare markets

Nextep Health : fonding member

MEDVANCE is the merger of several independent consulting firms, firmly established locally, which have developed cooperation with national companies, or subsidiaries of international groups.

Market Access

A strategic approach based on value (“outcomes”) that goes beyond the technical development of dossiers. We support you in developing your “go to market strategy” at all key stages.

In addition, we ensure to understand the expectations of each stakeholder to facilitate patients’ access to health innovations: medicines, medical devices, diagnostics, e-health solutions, etc.

Public Affairs

As France’s leading public affairs consultancy specializing in healthcare  we offer a unique perspective on public-private interactions, combining healthcare expertise, business ethics and a sense of public interest.

In an increasingly fast-changing environment, healthcare players need to think differently about their relationships with stakeholders, in a more open, constructive and modern dialogue, for value for patients and healthcare system.

Strategy & Transformation

Nextep, consulting firm specialized in Health, understands the challenges of transformation to support leaders in all their strategic thinking, in France and internationally. We deploy holistic approaches to enhance the performance of your organizations.

In addition to our expertise in market access, we support the redesign of business models, the creation of strategic partnerships and Open Innovation initiatives to bring together different areas of expertise.

Convinced that mobilizing patients is a major challenge for transforming the system, we work to improve the patient experience by taking account of patient pathway pain points and implementing dedicated solutions and services.

As experts in  customer centricity, we support the pivot of organizations by defining and implementing high-impact customer strategies, including the deployment of omnichannel customer engagement strategies and team support (change management).

Training and Publications

Nextep designs and implements customized training courses to help you deepen your knowledge of the sector’s institutional ecosystem and its regulatory mechanisms.

To benefit from strategic information on the sector, subscribe to our analysis letters. For example, on economic, political and regulatory news concerning healthcare products. But also if you want to understand how to decode legal decisions that have an impact on the pharmaceutical sector. Finally, we follow up major changes in the international pharmaceutical environment.

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A position at the center of strategic information, whether on economic, political or regulatory news. Moreover, we can decode the legal decisions that have an impact on the pharmaceutical sector. Finally, we focus on major international developments that could have an influence on France.

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