Expertise in health and innovation, Business Ethics and public interest: a new vision of public-private interactions

The leading role of patients in health governance, the arrival of breakthrough therapeutics, technological, and digital innovations with a high impact on care, the transformation of healthcare structures and pathways, the increased complexity of regulations and market access for health products, the centrality of ethical and reputational issues, are all issues that structure our healthcare systems today.

In this environment that has been evolving even
more quickly since the Covid crisis, healthcare stakeholders – industry, biotech, MedTech, start-ups, medical professions, trade unions or associations – must approach their relationships with stakeholders in a different way, in a more open, constructive, and modern dialogue in the service of the general interest and the search for value for patients and the
health system.


  • First French Public Affairs consultancy firm specialized in the health sector
  • An ethical approach focused on co-construction with our customers, stakeholders, and authorities for a common goal in favor of the general interest and the value provided to patients.
  • A facilitating role between private actors and public authorities to advance the reflection on the future of care and the future of our health system.
  • Perfect knowledge of regulations, products/services and healthcare stakeholders in France and Europe (Health Authorities, Governments, Parliaments, representatives of
    patients and healthcare professionals, opinion leaders, online influencers…)
  • A strong national and European network of partners and experts (scientific, political, legal, medical…) to intervene and build strategic alliances at the highest organizational level

Guillaume Bouchara

Public Affairs

Type of interventions

Public Affairs Strategy Consulting and recommendations on the institutional positioning of organizations at local and European level

Constitution, structuring and animation over the long term of coalitions of actors and stakeholders (communities, associations, trade unions…) wishing to get involved in
the public debate

Development of platforms for proposals to raise awareness among authorities and stakeholders about a public health project or issue (e.g. Advocacy for better access to visual care, Manifest for better cancer care)

Support for the development, with stakeholders, of evaluation and management models adapted to disruptive innovations (gene therapies, digital solutions, organizational innovations…)

Institutional awareness study and recommendations to restore an organization’s “trust” and public image

Reorganization of the Public Affairs department of the subsidiary of a large multinational group

Parliamentary interventions on legislative texts regarding health and budgetary issues at local and European level

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