Decrypt, analyse and explain political, economic and regulatory news, and also issues in the healthcare sector, both nationally and internationally

Training, market intelligence and publications to support you to understand a complex environment

In a complex and evolving economic, political and regulatory environment, Nextep offers training, monitoring and publication modules to anticipate and understand the latest news and trends in the healthcare sector.

Nextep’s teams are at the forefront of decrypting, analysing and monitoring the major trends in the sector in order to give you a cutting edge and provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions.

Pharmaceutical industry

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Our sectoral expertise


Nextep offers its expertise, based on more than 20 years of experience in providing guidance to healthcare actors.

Strengthening of our employees’ knowledge pursues and objective pf improving their performance through real-through concrete situations as close as possible to their challenges. 


Added value


  • High level experts to reinforce strategic dimension.
  • Human-sized formats to promote sharing and interaction.
  • Tailor made designed materials and facilitation methods.


Publications (read more)

Almost 1000 publications and analysis letters in 20 years.

Monitoring political and regulatory activity to analyse, anticipate and educate.



  • Reactivity in news follow up.
  • Analysis and recommandations for organisations.
  • Support proposal linked to the other firm’s practices. 

Our scopes of intervention

Interventions Training and Publication

Our offer: customized and interactive trainings lead by experts

Tailor made

  • Schedule to be developed jointly, based on a Nextep proposal
  • Format (particularly in-person vs. distance learning) and timing to be determined depending on needs and availability.
  • Before: possibility of sending questionnaires, pre-reads, work files, webcasts, etc.
  • After: additional information, recommendations, etc.

Educational and interactive

  • Animated and illustrated with graphics, examples, videos, etc.
  • Exercises/workshops (quizzes, brainstorming, role-playing, practical exercises, etc.)
  • Operational, linked to the company’s challenges and objectives, especially business objectives.

Experience and Expertise

  • Nextep has been providing training courses for the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years
  • Conducted by consultants who are experts in these subjects and who provide concrete solutions to the issues
  • Experience of working with Executive Committees, BUs, departments (market-access, public affairs, regulatory, etc.), field teams, etc.

Some training examples

Onboardings of Managers and employees

  • Political and sectoral ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies in France
  • The challenges of regulation, evaluation and negotiation of healthcare product prices in France
  • Managing a pharmaceutical laboratory/subsidiary in France and engaging in prospective thinking

In house training (management, head quarter teams and or field force)

  • Trends and issues in the healthcare system
  • Compassionate, early and direct access reforms
  • Regulation and safeguard clause (figures, mechanisms, projections)
    PLFSS (preparation, preliminary draft, procedure, possibility of amendments)
  • Care pathways, patient experience, PROMs, health democracy
    Public health affairs (players, procedures, issues, examples of actions)



“The course was particularly well adapted to the needs of the participants, with the emphasis on interactivity and the value of the discussions”.

Général Manager France of international Danish company

“When I joined France as Regional President, I had very professional and useful working sessions with NEXTEP to understand how health care and its environment works, including the French authorities and how they work together. The Nextep sessions allowed me to make decisions more quickly and at the same time to engage in valuable relationships with the country’s stakeholders”.

President, Country Manager France of international American company

“After several years spent abroad, coaching enabled me to update my knowledge of the French environment thanks to an interaction with experts in Market Access and health policies. Thank you to the Nextep teams for this useful support for my first meetings with the authorities and professional organisations.”

General Manager France of an international American company




A positioning at the heart of strategic information, whether on economic, political or regulatory news. In addition, we offer to decode legal decisions with an impact on the pharmaceutical sector. Finally, we focus on major international trends that could have an impact in France.

Designed for executives,

of Pharmaceutical sector

Prepared by expert consultants,

From Health products market access environnement

To inform about any changes,

Potentially impacting the business and the ecosystem

Perspectives presentation

Thoughts and actions

No specific frequency,

To address only the most important issues in a reactive manner

Provision of consulting credits,

To talk to the authors, follow or find out more about a particular subject

Analyse potential impact

From a regulatory, political and economic perspective

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