Medvance is a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG), consisting of independent firms based in 5 largest European countries and specialized in the field of healthcare.

The objective is to meet the increasing demand from health sector stakeholders who want to build strategies and action plans adapted to national, coherent, and simultaneous specificities in Europe. While decision-making centers are expanding beyond national borders, Nextep has chosen to improve its ability to act on the European scene.

Nextep is a founding member of Medvance, a group of firms based in 4 other leading European countries: Mars in Germany, Intexo in Italy, Oblikue in Spain, and Remap in the United-Kingdom, that are experts in market access, public affairs, and regulatory affairs in their respective market. The Group has more than one network of partners to extend its services to the Benelux countries, in particular the Nordic Countries.

Medvance’s philosophy is based on the principle of the prior involvement of specialized local teams for the definition of a global access strategy. Realization of European benchmarks, studies, awareness plan of national and European stakeholders are all actions that can be deployed thanks to this group, while keeping a single interlocutor according to the wishes of location and language of communication of the customer.

Within Medvance, Nextep is now able to assist its customers throughout Europe, with the same level of agility and expertise.

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We are experienced in creating and developing companies in healthcare and technology in the United States and Europe. We have partnerships with European companies to facilitate their entry and growth on the U.S. market. We provide to these companies turn-key business development services, expertise, and operational resources.

A network of key decision-makers from the industry and world-class experts, allowing companies to benefit from unique advice and access in the U.S.

Custom-made business development solutions for US-market entry: market studies, business development programs, guidance in strategic decision-making and consulting services for acquisition operations / Shared talents and experts, offices and administrative resources / Technological Showroom in the heart of New York City.

Our name is a tribute to Rodrigo de Triana, the first sailor who saw the coasts of America from Christopher Columbus’ ship Pinta.

Carenity is the first social network dedicated to people suffering from chronic illness. Launched in 2011, it helps patients and their family share their experience, follow their health and contribute to medical progress by answering online surveys. Nextep and Carenity have entered in a close and substantial partnership, sharing the same premises and jointly addressing health issues. In fact, for Nextep, a consulting company specialized in market access, it is crucial to understand patients’ needs to optimize drugs and medical devices in the healthcare supply chain. It is no coincidence that all pharmaceutical companies are seeking ways to best meet their needs through patient support, education and adherence programs as this also contributes to the proper use of drugs. Furthermore, as members of the Transparency Committee, patient organizations are now involved in the assessment and access procedures. Carenity’s offer fully fits in by providing qualitative data on patient experience and their voices are now being heard without any intermediation. This approach is entirely consistent with the increasing authority requirements for real life data on the use of health products to justify their reimbursement in light of the benefit-risk and efficacy-safety ratio for the patient. Our partnership is fully in line with this dynamic process of drugs or treatments serving the needs of patients who are becoming actors in their own health.
Founded in 1997 by Dr. Emmanuelle Voisin, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences is a product development consultancy, which guides Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medtech manufacturers.

It assists innovative companies in optimizing the value of their product value in addition to their own resources and expertise, from strategy to implementation. From discovery to patients, Voisin Consulting teams of specialists offer integrated solutions to development, manufacturing, control, nonclinical and clinical testing, safety monitoring, and interactions with regulators and payers.

Voisin Consulting provides tailored services to meet the needs of every company thanks to an international presence with offices in France, the United-States, England, Switzerland and India.

Cambon Parnters offers growth businesses and their shareholders support for their equity transactions: disposals, fund-raising, financial engineering, asset and business transfers, acquisitions, sales of subsidiaries, valuation.

With some hundred deals completed over the past 8 years, Financière Cambon ranks among the major independent mergers and acquisitions specialists in Europe. Focused exclusively on the mid-market, Financière Cambon advises both publicly-traded and privately-held companies, with operations in France and abroad.

Its expertise and methodology are combined to achieve optimal equity value. Every transaction is closely managed to ensure that the client’s objectives are fully met.

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