Sharing our experience to improve performance


The continuous evolution of the regulatory framework for patients’ access to health products, the changes brought by the health laws and the Social Security financing acts, the decentralization of the decision-making centers, the creation of new regulatory bodies make the health sector complex and ever changing.

It is crucial for employees of healthcare companies, representatives of patients or professional unions to have keys for understanding and analyzing this dynamic environment.

Our Method

Nextep shares its 20 years’ experience in providing guidance to healthcare actors. The strengthening of employee’s knowledge pursues an objective of improving their performance, through concrete scenarios, as close as possible to their challenges.

Nextep training courses provide :

• High-level experts to strengthen the strategic dimension
• Human-sized formats to promote sharing and interaction
• Specifically designed materials and facilitation methods

Types of Interventions

Different formats :

• Inter-company training courses:

Discovering the institutional ecosystem of the healthcare sector and the market access mechanisms

• Intra-company training courses:

Proposing a business project to enhance employee performance

• Manager coaching:

Coaching managers in their new roles

Examples of themes :

Understanding the political and institutional environment of medicinal products and healthcare system

Have a complete understanding of the new early access reform

Understanding the PLFSS mechanisms and their impact for your organization

Knowing the fundamental principles for the assessment of health products

Being prepared for price negotiation issues

Anticipating the development of product-related services at the heart of the mutation in the pharmaceutical model

Nextep’s training in a few sentences:

About thirty new GM Frances trained

Several hundred employees of health companies trained as part of intra- or inter-company training

Dozens of trainings carried out with patient associations and health professionals

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