Nextep is pleased to announce that Magali Leo has joined the Nextep Advisory Board

A lawyer by training, Magali Leo has put her skills at the service of inter-associative work in the field of health, within the CISS and then France Assos Santé, for nearly 10 years. Currently in charge of advocacy for Renaloo, an association of patients concerned with chronic kidney diseases, dialysis or transplants, she participates in the process of knowledge production and the development of the association’s strategy.

Involved in several health authorities (notably within the ANSM’s health products information committee and the CNAM’s council), Magali can testify to the change in the way users’ representatives are viewed, but also to the work still to be done to ensure that the interests of patients are taken into account in decisions aimed at improving our health system and the quality of care. Magali is also co-author of the report on improving information on medicines for users and healthcare professionals (September 2018).

Within the Nextep board, Magali will bring her experience, her vision, and her commitment to health democracy, enabling Nextep’s teams to contribute more and more to the development of a healthcare system focused on creating value for patients.