October 4th 2017 – A common platform to make treatment access easier for patients


According to EMA and EUnetHTA, set up a common platform in order to make communication with manufacturers easier. Thus, this collaboration tends to harmonize requirements for robust data useful both for Marketing Authorization and Health Technology Assessment.

Industrials should as well require an early dialogue with these two organizations through a dedicated secretariat. The platform presents multiple benefits:
  • A formalized interaction between EMA and EUnetHTA in specific problem resolution
  • A better coordination with the creation of a taskforce dedicated to early dialogue
  • Simplifiedr logistics

Wim Goettsch, Executive Director at EUnetHTA, reports that early dialogue through the platform and provision of robust data will fill the need of the two organizations, which final purpose is to “support decisions at the national level”.

Patient perspective also has to be integrated, considering that regulatory collaboration must in fine allow to make treatment more accessible to patients and develop innovation.